Our Impact

For more than a century, the Society has provided need-based financial assistance to Navy and Marine Corps service members and their families.

The Society does not receive any government funding and relies solely upon the generosity of donors to fulfill our mission.

Since 1904, we’ve never wavered from our commitment, and with your support, we’ll never have to.

Learn how your support makes a difference.

What We Do

In 2017, the Society provided $44,800,000 in interest-free loans and grants to 54,066 Sailors and Marines.

When in need, the Society is there—from helping put food on the table to helping a service man or woman travel to the bedside of a sick or dying loved one.

In 2017, we provided:

Basic living expenses $18,869,356
Transportation (car repairs, insurance, car payment, rental) $11,388,051
Family emergency $4,087,178
Personal transportation expenses (PCS, gas, parents to bedside) $1,773,226
Transportation due to family illness $2,716,575
Other (pay entitlement shortfalls, predatory loan avoidance) $1,789,391
Household set-up $2,205,215
Funeral expenses $1,074,754
Medical/Dental (non-military medical facilities) $663,170
Education $262,000

The Power of Our People

Nearly 96% of the Society’s staff are volunteers.

Our volunteer force ensures that as many donated dollars as possible go to the men and women who have dedicated themselves to serving our country.

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Paid staff members working alongside
Volunteers who dedicated over
Hours towards carrying out the Society’s mission in 2017

Caring for Sailors and Marines

Since 1922, the Society has employed registered nurses to ensure Navy and Marine Corps families are cared for. Our nurses visit homes, rehabilitation facilities, hospitals—wherever they are needed.

Registered nurses who made
Contacts with new mothers, home-bound retirees, widows and widowers
Contacts with combat wounded Marines and Sailors

The Big Picture

In 2017, requests for our services outpaced revenue.

To meet the emergency financial needs of Sea Service members and their families in 2017, we used $9 million in funds from the Society's investment reserve and other assets.

Donations $18.5M
Loan repayment $40.8M
Thrift Shop & Other $1M
Programs $20.8M
Financial assistance $44.8M
Management $2.1M
Fundraising $1.6M

How you can help

Your contribution today can change the life of a Marine, Sailor, or their family members. Please help us meet their needs by making a donation today.