Board of Directors

Guiding the Society

Members of the Board of Directors help guide the Society to excel in its mission. These members include top Navy and Marine Corps leaders. Many of their spouses also serve on the board. They bring to the Board their years of experience, unique understanding of the Navy and Marine Corps, and a sincere desire to support Sailors, Marines, and their families. 


ADM John M. Richardson, Chief of Naval Operations


Admiral C. Steve Abbot, USN (Ret.) [Chair, Executive Committee]
Vice Admiral Robert P. Burke, USN
Vice Admiral James W. Crawford, JAGC, USN
Rear Admiral Bruce B. Engelhardt, USN (Ret.) [Chair, Audit Committee]
Mrs. Elisa Catalano Ewers
Vice Admiral C. Forrest Faison, III, MC, USN
Mrs. B.A. Flanagan
Vice Admiral William B. French, USN (Ret.) [Chair, Finance Committee]
Mrs. Elka Giordano
Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy Steven Giordano
Mrs. Andrea Green
Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps Ronald L. Green
Vice Admiral Mary Jackson, USN
Rear Admiral Margaret G. Kibben, CHC, USN
Mrs. Martha Merz [Chair, Education Committee]
Mrs. Megan W. Moffit [Chair, Relief Committee]
General Robert B. Neller, Commandant of the Marine Corps
Mrs. D’Arcy Neller
Mrs. Dana Richardson
Lieutenant General Michael A. Rocco, USMC

Officers of the Society

President, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
ADM Steve Abbot, USN (Ret.)

Executive Vice President, Chief Operations Officer (COO)
BrigGen Peter B. Collins, USMC (Ret.)

Vice President, Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Col William (Bill) E. Zamagni Jr., USMC (Ret.)

Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)
Col Kathy Estes, USMC (Ret.)

Vice President, Chief Development and Communications Officer (CDCO)
CAPT Shelley S. Marshall, USN (Ret.)

Vice President, Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Mr. Willie L. Williams


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