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Admiral Abbot Invites Supporters to Celebrate the Society’s 110th Birthday

The following message was sent to members of the NMCRS community to celebrate the Society's 110th birthday:

Dear Friends of the Society,

It all began with a football game.

In 1903, it was decided that the proceeds from that year’s Army-Navy Football Game, which was held at the University of Pennsylvania, would be split equally between the University, the Army and the Navy. The Navy share of $9,000 was used to start up Navy Relief, an organization dedicated to assisting the families of deceased officers and enlisted men of the Navy and Marine Corps. The rest, as they say, is history.

Today we celebrate 110 years of serving Sailors, Marines, and their families. Share the graphic below on Facebook in honor of our 110th birthday:

In the early years of our nation, Sailors and Marines followed the tradition of passing the hat to collect funds to help widows and orphans in need.

Today, we honor that tradition -- and we honor the men and women whose compassion and kindness led to the formation of an organization “for the relief of Dependent widows and orphans of the Officers and Enlisted Men of the Navy” in 1904.

Because of the work of thousands of donors, volunteers, and employees, that mission has been expanded over the years, enabling us to stand behind a growing number of Sea Service members and their families when they need us most.

I extend a most sincere “thank you” to all who support the Society. I invite you to join in celebrating 110 years of service to the Fleet and the Marine Force!


Admiral Steve Abbot, U.S. Navy (Ret.)
President and Chief Executive Officer
Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society

PS: Take a look at our Facebook page to see how we and others have been commemorating 110 years of service!

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