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Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society Stands By Service Members When Natural Disasters Strike

When a storm dumped 24 inches of rain in 26 hours on Pensacola, Florida, many sea service members and their families experienced the devastating flooding.

Trees fell, sinkholes opened, and roadways became impassable. Cars and homes were damaged as the water levels rose. Beloved possessions were lost, and many families scrambled for a safe place to sleep.

Sailors, Marines, and their families affected by the early Spring storm set their sights on rebuilding their lives, and they turned to the Society for help.

Read more about the Society’s relief efforts in Pensacola, Florida here.

When winter warms to spring, extreme weather—and the damage it causes—becomes increasingly common. From floods to wildfires, recovering from these disasters can seem like an insurmountable challenge. The Society remains steadfast in our commitment to stand behind Sailors, Marines, and their families when the unexpected happens—when they need it most.

As hurricane season approaches, even more service members will find themselves in need of a helping hand. Whether needing assistance to pay an insurance deductible or to put food on the table, we stand ready to provide not only financial assistance, but also peace of mind.

You can provide a lifeline for Sailors, Marines, and their families. Your contributions to the Society support this life-changing mission.

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