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NMCRS is ready to help during the government shutdown

Although key federal services are suspended due to the federal government shutdown, our 51 Directors and 3,700 volunteers around the world are available and ready to assist Navy and Marine Corps families with financial needs.

NMCRS offices are open and providing financial assistance during their regularly scheduled business hours for the duration of the government shutdown.

Assistance takes many different forms and includes:

  • Basic living expenses (food, WIC voucher, lodging)
  • Emergency leave and transportation
  • Travel expenses related to permanent change of station (PCS) and temporary duty assignment (TDY)
  • Advances for temporary lodging allowance (TLA)
  • Advances for do-it-yourself (DITY) moves
  • Urgent early return of Dependents with Command concurrence
  • And more

Additionally, assistance is available for the financial needs of family members of the fallen and seriously injured. This may include travel arrangements, assistance with the purchase of airline tickets, lodging, meal and other basic living expenses, as well as funeral/burial expenses and any other casualty-related need of the immediate family members.

Explore the full list of services that we offer and schedule and appointment.

Because NMCRS is funded by private donations, not the government, our work continues unhampered by the government shutdown -- meaning we can continue our mission without interruption.

We will respond to requests for assistance on a case-by-case basis and funds can be made available within hours, based on the geographic location of the client.

We are ready to serve you. Find an NMCRS office location near you.

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