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After an Appointment

Repaying your loan

If you receive an interest-free loan from the Society, you’ll sign a repayment agreement at the time you receive the funds. Repayment terms can vary, but generally you can expect:

  • Most repayments are made directly from your military pay (allotment) 
  • Your repayment period begins one to three months after you receive the loan. However, this may vary for different kinds of loans (such as emergency travel or education loans)
  • To make a debit card or electronic payment, contact NMCRS Loan Administration at (800) 654-8364.

If you have trouble repaying your loan, make an appointment to meet with a caseworker to discuss possible changes to the terms of your loan.

You will not need to repay a Society grant or scholarship.

Get more financial education and resources

Return to our office at any time to make adjustments to your budget and follow up on the financial recommendations your caseworker made. We’re ready to help with short-term needs and help you plan for better long-term financial stability.

The Society offers other programs you may want to explore, including:

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