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Assist Clients

Help Navy and Marine Corps Families

Financial assistance and counseling is one of the most important services the Society provides.  Casework volunteers work directly with clients, providing suggestions and guidance to help them make wise decisions and improve their financial situation.

Profile of a casework volunteer

Casework volunteers are “people” persons. They’re good communicators and listeners. They’re compassionate and sensitive and want to help others. Since all our services are confidential, they must also be very discreet. 

From setting up appointments and providing assistance to walk-in clients to meeting with clients one-on-one, there are many different opportunities for casework volunteers. Volunteers who are a good fit for casework are always eager to increase their knowledge of budgeting and financial management and education.

Interacting directly with service members and families to make a meaningful difference in their lives is very rewarding. Our caseworkers help in difficult situations and provide hope and direction.

What volunteers can expect

There are several different opportunities for casework volunteers and all of them require training.  Some, such as client counseling, require specialized training. Commitment is important, and it may take some time before you’re ready to step into one of these roles. We’ll give you the training and guidance to become an effective casework volunteer. In the meantime, you’ll learn about our services, assist in the office, answer phones, and check in clients.

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