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Disaster Relief

Financial help to recover from natural disasters

If your home is affected by a hurricane, tornado, flood, fire, or other disaster, you may need help right away. If your base is evacuated and you need to leave quickly, or if you can’t stay in your home, we can help.

For base-wide evacuations, we can help you buy items you need, such as gas, temporary lodging, food, diapers, and baby formula. If you’re recovering from a disaster, we can provide interest-free loans to pay for insurance deductibles or replace lost items, such as food, clothing and furniture.

Qualifying situations

We provide assistance for:  

Pre-natural disaster preparation
  •  Possible base evacuations due to a natural disaster

Post-natural disaster repair and replacement
  •  Home repairs
  •  Food and household goods to ensure quality of life

Personal catastrophic event
  •  Fire
  •  Flood

No appointment for base evacuations

When there’s a natural disaster that requires base-ordered evacuation, the Society provides financial assistance so you can get necessities you and your family need. To get help:

  1. Go to the Society evacuation assistance processing location (the Society works with the Installation Emergency Operations Center to set up and advertise the location).
  2. Bring your military ID card.

Appointments for disaster recovery assistance

After a disaster, if you need help paying insurance deductibles to repair your home or you need to replace lost items:

  1. Make an appointment with your nearest office
  2. Bring your military ID and most recent leave and earnings statement (LES) or retiree account statement (RAS), if possible. You should also bring any documents related to your need, such as insurance deductible information.

Your caseworker will help you identify your post-disaster needs. You’ll learn about local resources to help replace lost items. Your caseworker may also approve you for an interest-free disaster loan from the Society.

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