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Emergency Travel

Financial assistance for urgent travel

Travelling to be with a sick or dying loved one often requires transportation. If you’re approved for emergency leave and need the money to travel, we can help you with an interest-free loan.

Other times, you may need urgent funds for food, rent, or utilities. If you or your family is in danger of going without these necessities, please seek assistance through these services:

Qualifying situations

We provide emergency funds for:

  • Sailors or Marines to visit sick or dying loved ones
  • Family members to visit Sailors or Marines who are severely ill or injured

No appointment necessary

To get emergency travel assistance, simply walk into our office. There’s no need to make an appointment. Bring these items with you:

  • Military ID card
  • Most recent leave and earnings statement (LES) or retiree account statement (RAS)
  • Emergency leave papers

We’ll give you a check for the funds you need. You’ll need to sign a form agreeing to repay the loaned funds. Loans are interest free so you’ll only repay the amount you borrowed. You won’t begin repaying the loan until you return from emergency leave.

After-hours emergency assistance

If you need urgent help and your local NMCRS office is closed, instructions for emergency assistance are available by calling the local NMCRS office phone number.

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