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Health Education and Post-Combat Support

Supporting the health and emotional needs of Navy and Marine Corps families

The Society Visiting Nurse Program has been supporting Navy and Marine Corps families since 1922. Our nurses act as advocates, providing the health information and resources you need. We provide this support through our traditional Visiting Nurse Program and our Combat Casualty Assistance (CCA) Visiting Nurse Program. 

Learn more about the impact our nurses have on Navy and Marine Corps families each year.

The Visiting Nurse Program (VN)

Society visiting nurses work through many of our offices, which are located on Navy and Marine Corps bases.  Our registered nurses travel, within a reasonable distance of their office, to provide free, in-home visits to:

  • Active duty or retired Sailors and Marines
  • Navy and Marine Corps families with newborns

Our nurses visit families to answer questions and provide education on a wide range of health topics. For new parents, nurses may discuss things like breastfeeding and making sure babies are healthy and happy. They also provide baby weight checks. No matter what your age, nurses will answer your questions about medications and medical care. If you’re a retiree, you can also talk to our nurses about your concerns, such as chronic medical conditions that can accompany aging. 

Sometimes our nurses will work with your health care team to let them know how you’re doing between visits to your doctor. While visiting nurses do not provide emergency or bedside care, they can help you understand your options for taking the best possible care of yourself.

Nurses listen and can recommend resources to help you and your loved ones.

Find the office nearest you with a visiting nurse program.

Combat Casualty Assistance Visiting Nurse Program (CCA VN)

Combat experience changes a person. Sometimes you may have physical wounds that need to heal. Other times, you may be dealing with difficult emotional and mental stress, even years after combat. Society nurses can help you, your family and caregivers get the understanding and resources needed so you have the best possible support to deal with the effects of combat.

Our CCA visiting nurses travel anywhere in the U.S. to visit:

  • Anyone who served with the Navy or Marine Corps during Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF), Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) or Operation New Dawn (OND), regardless of current military status (no ID card is required).

Our nurses can visit Sailors and Marines in the hospital, a rehabilitation center, or in their home. They help you and your loved ones understand your injuries, diagnosis, and recovery or rehabilitation processes. They may also assess the issues you’re dealing with and talk about resources that might help you. 

Since the stresses of combat may not become obvious for several years, there’s no time limit on when a Society nurse can visit you—even if you’re no longer in the military. Our nurses will continue to work with you and your loved ones for as long as you need them. They may even help you find new resources if you move to a different location. 

If you've lost a loved one as a result of their combat service in the Navy or Marine Corps, our nurses are available to work with you to get the support you need.

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